Image for blog Immigrant Food: A New Restaurant to Try Near City Market at O
January 18, 2022 Immigrant Food: A New Restaurant to Try Near City Market at O

Immigrant Food is a new must-try eatery dedicated to the fusion of passionate advocacy, gastronomy, and a strong sense of community. The relaxed eatery serves an international menu of brunch staples, sandwiches, and bowls. 

Acting as a dual-concept restaurant, Immigrant Foods serves a casual fusion menu during the day and switches to an elevated gastronomic experience in the evenings, serving fine dining dishes and an immigrant-inspired cocktail menu and wine list. The restaurant’s menu of fresh, creative dishes highlights a world of delicious ingredients, flavors, and spices by its award-winning chef, Enrique Limardo. On the menu are appetizers like hummus, chicken sliders, and dips. For your meal, order between sandwiches, steak, salmon, gumbo, and more. Complete your meal by washing it down with a seasonal drink, sangria, or cocktail. 

Immigrant Food serves fun and nutritious dishes, while reminding diners America at its core reflects the restaurant’s menu: diverse, nourishing, and welcoming.

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