Image for blog Mary Livingston Ripley Garden Provides Respite From the Everyday
August 13, 2021 Mary Livingston Ripley Garden Provides Respite From the Everyday

Inspired by Mrs. S. Dillion Ripley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and plant connoisseur, the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden is a tribute to the plant lover herself, and has the sole purpose of providing plant knowledge and uniqueness to the Smithsonian Garden and it’s visitors. 

The garden is laid out with a unique and inviting design that will not only capture its guests attention, but allows for an educational experience. The magic of this intriguing garden started back in 1966 when Mrs. Ripley herself stopped the Smithsonian from putting up another parking lot and instead had the garden planted in its place. It wasn’t until 1988 that the women’s committee decided to honor this plant-loving, passionate woman by naming the garden after her and the name still stands today. 

Visiting this garden is a peaceful and tranquil way to enjoy some quietness and serenity while out and about in the bustling city of Washington D.C. You would be remiss to go to D.C and not stop by this incredible garden, and plant sanctuary. 

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