Image for blog Belly Up to the Caviar Bar at Apero
June 29, 2021 Belly Up to the Caviar Bar at Apero

Allow yourself to be wined and dined at Apero, a new dining destination near City Market at O. If you have grown to love the finer things in life, we can assure you that Apero will not disappoint as their menu is full of fancy cuisine that is plated just right to appeal to every customer that walks through their doors. 

Enjoy an evening filled with delicious and uniquely curated cocktails with friends, or indulge in a full four-course meal with entrees such as braised rabbit, coq au vin, cod en papillote, and mushroom cigarettes. Also be sure to try their most popular caviar bar, which includes a variety of different types including white sturgeon, kaluga premium, osetra amber and many more, each served over a golden, fluffy waffle which is unique to this location.

Customers just cannot seem to get enough of this high-end dining addition to the Washington D.C metro area; you have to see for yourself just how exquisite it truly is. 

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